Curriculum Chart

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All High School Grades

9th-12th Grade track classes (offered by skill level) include Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, 
Pre-Calculus, Calculus 1–3

Spanish 1–5 track classes offered by skill level.

Each high school year includes choral and instrumental music, Eurythmy, Wellness & service learning, 
and PE.

Grade 9

English/Literature: tragedy-comedy, mythology, the novel, grammar, essay writing. Drama: improvisation. Mathematics: All 9th Grade students—counting theory. Science: physics (thermodynamics), chemistry (organic), biology (anatomy), geology. U.S. History: Revolutionary War (class trip to Boston). World History: Latin America, Revolutions, history of art. Visual arts: black-and-white drawing, clay, historical drawing, basketry, woodworking.

Grade 10

English/Literature: Greece and the Odyssey, poetry, novel (Grapes of Wrath), the analytical essay, writing lab. Drama: 10th Grade play. Mathematics: conics sections. Science: physics (mechanics), chemistry (acids and bases), biology (physiology). U.S. History: civics. World History: ancient civilizations, world religions. Visual arts: watercolor painting, clay instruments, weaving, woodworking. U.S. History: civics. World History: ancient civilizations, world religions. Arts/Crafts: watercolor painting, clay instruments, weaving, woodworking.

Grade 11

English/Literature: Dante’s Inferno, Shakespeare, 
Parzival, eco-literature. Drama: Shakespeare monologues. Mathematics: projective geometry. Science: physics (electricity and magnetism), chemistry (atomic theory and periodic table), biology (botany and cell biology). U.S. History: Colonial period to World War I. World History: Rome to Renaissance, historical geography of Africa and the Middle East, music history. Visual arts: portrait drawing, veil painting, clay portraits, coppersmithing, book arts.

Grade 12

English/Literature: Russian literature (19th and 20th century), world literature, Transcendentalism, critical reading and analysis. Drama: senior play. Science: physics (optics), chemistry (biochemistry), biology (zoology), astronomy. U.S. History: WWI to present. World History: economics, symptomatology, history of architecture. Visual arts: stone sculpture, figure drawing, acrylic painting, textiles, architectural model building. Senior Project: independent, year-long explorations of individually selected topics. 
Written and oral presentation.