Nursery School

Nursery School

Beginning at 2 years, 6 months old by June.

WSP’s nursery school provides a warm and homelike environment for the 3- and 4-year olds’ first steps into school. This gentle transition is a graceful journey guided with tenderness and reverence by our teachers.

Our rich play-based program nourishes the magic of childhood by allowing children to explore the world through all their sense, stimulating their creativity through free play and storytelling, and developing both their motor skills and burgeoning sense of confidence through the practical arts.


Grades 9–12
Discover the academic and artistic rigor of our high school.
Grades 6–8
Engage the challenging and experiential curriculum of middle school.
Grades 1–5
Explore the academic and imaginative journey through the elementary grades.
Nursery & Kindergarten
Nourish the magic of childhood with nurturing play-based programs.
Waldorf education instilled deep seated curiosity in my children, and kept them fully engaged. As students, they were appreciated for their differences and unique gifts.
Muneer Waheed

Alumni Parent, Waldorf School of the Peninsula