High School Athletics

WSP offers a variety of after school team sports for our high school students. We believe that providing a healthy balance between academics and physical activity will greatly enrich our older students’ experience at school.

Our student athletes have the opportunity to learn team-building skills and develop healthy bodies for life. Athletes at WSP learn the importance of discipline, respect, and sportsmanship whatever the outcome of a game or race may be.

The WSP athletics program is growing along with our school. Students interested in other sports have the opportunity to advocate for and round up support for new initiatives.

Our high school is a member of the California Interscholastic Federation Central Coast Section. The schools with whom we compete are of similar size and have a range of program experience and maturity. This allows for young and small schools such as WSP to play competitively. Because WSP is committed to inclusion and participation, all of our sports are open to any student who commits to coming to practice and playing. We have no tryouts or cuts for teams. Our coaches all place a heavy emphasis on sportsmanship. Through their coaches, our students are inspired to reach their athletic potential and show outstanding sportsmanship on and off the field.

Please contact our Athletic Director, Leona Rexhepi, if you have any questions about Athletics at WSP.

Teams for 23-24

Girls’ Volleyball with Coaches Timothy Graton and Liam Metzger.
Boys’ Basketball with Coach Liam Metzger
Boys’ Volleyball with Coach Timothy Graton
Track & Field
Co-Ed Soccer


WSP Athletics Seasons
High School

(March – May)
Girls Volleyball Boys Basketball Boys Volleyball
    Track and Field


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