A Typical Day

The daily, weekly and yearly rhythms of a Waldorf class provide a welcome security for the young child. The predictability of knowing “what comes next” allows children to relax and be fully present in the moment. The daily schedule and weekly patterns of meaningful work such as washing, ironing, grinding grain, and baking bread provide a comforting sense of time and structure.

A Typical Day

Arrival in the Early Childhood play yard

Outside play

Circle time


Inside play



Rest time


Outside play and dismissal to parents or Extended Care

Nursery & Kindergarten
Nourish the magic of childhood with nurturing play-based programs.
Grades 1–5
Explore the academic and imaginative journey through the elementary grades.
Grades 6–8
Engage the challenging and experiential curriculum of middle school.
Grades 9–12
Discover the academic and artistic rigor of our high school.

My children’s Waldorf Education has made them well-rounded individuals who are ready to try new things.

Muneer Waheed

Alumni Parent, Waldorf School of the Peninsula