College Guidance

The post-high school planning process at WSP empowers each student to assess his/her own interests and capacities, and to think independently about the direction of his/her life after high school.

The Director of Student Services, along with sponsors and faculty, provide resources and an atmosphere of supportive encouragement for each student to make the best possible choice for his/her life after graduation.

The vast majority (95%) of WSP students choose to attend four-year colleges after high school.  To support college-bound students, WSP offers a rigorous college preparatory curriculum and standardized test strategy as well as practice sessions for the preliminary SAT and ACT.

The Director of Student Services/College Counselor provides resources and support for students and their parents through the college search process with a goal of helping each student find a “best match” college.  This is a natural extension of the work students do in many high school endeavors that foster self-reflection, critical thinking, informed decision-making and taking initiative for personal responsibility.  Students have the opportunity to participate in approximately 25 career/college counseling workshops as part of an integrated Wellness curriculum during the 9th-12th grades.  By conducting career-oriented interviews and participating in a Junior Internship or Apprenticeship, students expand beyond the classroom in experiences that help them gain direction in their lives. The same level of support is also provided for students who choose to work, travel, or participate in a specialized educational program, gap year, or trade school after graduation.

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Waldorf education inspires my children to reason critically and solve problems creatively by encouraging physical and spiritual growth in addition to intellectual. I am heartened in the knowledge that, as adults with these skills, they will have the courage and capability to create their own future, not just live in someone else’s.

Brent Ingler

Middle and High School Parent, Waldorf School of the Peninsula