Waldorf In the News

A national spotlight shone on WSP after a front-page article in the October 22, 2011 Sunday New York Times explored an apparent contradiction in Silicon Valley, the heart of new technology: why were so many high-tech executives sending their children to a school that eschews the use of computers from kindergarten through grade school? Interest in the story ran high and was quickly picked up across the country as CBS (local and national), NBC, and CNN all ran features on our school.

This perceived paradox struck a chord with the American public growing increasingly more dissatisfied with the current paradigm in education. It illustrates that people are hungry for an alternative to the status quo where content is increasingly brought through computers rather than teachers, academic learning is being pushed down to younger and younger children, and the focus in the classroom is “teaching to the test.”

Since October 2011, WSP has been featured in more than 30 newspaper stories around the world. In addition to news coverage, representatives from WSP were invited and served as panelists for both the 2012 Google Big Tent conference at the Google Mountain View headquarters and the New York Times “Schools for Tomorrow” conference in NYC.



A Silicon Valley School That Doesn’t Compute →

A front-page article about Waldorf School of the Peninsula explores an apparent contradiction in Silicon Valley, the heart of new technology: why are so many high-tech executives sending their children to a school that doesn’t use computers in the classroom from kindergarten through grade school?
— New York Times October 22, 2011.

Letter to the Editor re: A Silicon Valley School that Doesn’t Compute → 
The Chief Domestic Policy Advisor to VP Gore and Waldorf parent responds to The New York Times article.
— New York Times October 22, 2011.

Swimming Against the Tide in Silicon Valley
An article from the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America on the recent publicity about Waldorf education and the hope that it has a positive impact on the public dialogue about education and the nature of childhood and learning.
— Renewal: A Journal for Waldorf Education, Fall/Winter 2011

Tech gets a time-out →
Why some Silicon Valley tech wizards are quietly raising their kids outside the digital landscape that their own industry calls childhood.
— San Francisco Magazine. March 2010

Waldorf School of the Peninsula in California Succeeds with No- and Low-Tech Education →
More about WSP’s approach to learning without computers.
— Huffington Post
December 12, 2011


The Waldorf Way: Silicon Valley School Eschews Technology →

Rehima Ellis experiences the “Waldorf Way” of engaging students in the classroom during her day-long visit to WSP.
— NBC Nightly News with Brian Wilson, November 30, 2011

Silicon Valley School: No Computers in Classrooms →
As teachers across the country turn to laptops and iPads as education tools, Waldorf School of the Peninsula in Silicon Valley, Calif., uses no computers in the classroom.
— CBS News, December 5, 2011

Silicon Valley School Bucks High-Tech Trend →
CBS national news visits WSP.
— CBS Morning News, December 5, 2011

Silicon Valley School with No Computers →
Dan Simon visits WSP to learn about our no-tech teaching and discover why it’s attractive to high-tech parents.
— CNN, March 13, 2012


Schools for Tomorrow Conference →
HEAD TO HEAD session. Waldorf School of the Peninsula’s Lucy Valentine Wurtz participates in a “head-to-head” session with the C.O.O. of ePals (an education media company and the world’s largest learning network) and debates the role of technology in the classroom. Moderated by Gerald Marzorati, Director of Editorial Development for the Times.
— New York Times Schools for Tomorrow Conference, September 13, 2012

I Love MV →
Heidi Chun spends the afternoon at WSP visiting arts and Eurythmy classes.
I Love MV (Mountain View) Blog, March 28, 2012

Off-line skolen i Silicon Valley →
Danish radio host Henrik Fohns visits Waldorf School of the Peninsula to find out for himself what all the buzz is about. Start at around minute 11:30 to hear a WSP student, two alumni, teacher and parent talk about our school (unless you speak Danish).
— Harddisken, Denmark Public Radio, June 7, 2013

Taking a slow-tech approach in the Silicon Valley →
See story about WSP starting on page 12.
— Australia Teacher Magazine. Special Issue: Technology in Education. January 2013

Press Release: Award-Winning Film on Waldorf Education: Where Silicon Valley’s Execs School Their Kid →
March 6, 2014