Disease Prevention and Immunization Policy

Vaccination is an essential tool for preventing infectious diseases. Vaccines have saved countless lives over the last century, have positively contributed to global health, the eradication of diseases like smallpox, and the near eradication of polio.

Waldorf School of the Peninsula strives to ensure the safety and health of all the children in our school. We require parents to follow all state laws regarding immunization and provide valid immunization records upon enrollment from preschool (nursery) to 12th grade. Consistent with state immunization laws, the school is fully prepared to follow County or State requests to keep home children who are not completely immunized against a disease in the event of possible exposure.

Vaccination throughout childhood is essential because it helps the immune system to develop protections before children are exposed to diseases.  Maintaining a high vaccination rate helps protect the more vulnerable in our community such as parents and children with weak or failing immune systems, and infants who are not yet fully vaccinated.

Click below for California Immunization Requirements for school entry into:
Kindergarten – Grade 12

Note that WSP employees do not give medical advice.