Practice Tips for Music Students

Sep 29, 2023 | At Home, Curriculum, Elementary School, Grades, Grades 1-5, High School, Middle School, Music

by Leah Lader | Music Teacher

Welcome to the beginning of the school year, the perfect time to introduce, re-introduce, or solidify a practice routine with your musician at home!

  • Consistency is key: a consistent practice routine increases musical fluency and builds confidence. You will see greater progress with multiple practice times throughout the week, instead of an extra-long practice session only once per week. The amount of practice time depends on the age and musical level of the student.
  • Dedicate a location: for some, finding a spot in your home free from distractions works best. On the flip side, some students enjoy practicing with a family member sitting and listening! Figure out what works best for your musician.
  • Students should be well rested: Practicing first thing in the morning, after school, or before/after dinner can work quite well.
  • Actively participate during your student’s practice time by: listening to the music, showing appreciation and interest, asking questions, and allowing them to teach you how to play a song.
  • Play for others: Some students thrive on performing! Putting on a “show” in person or via phone (especially for relatives & neighbors) can be rewarding on both ends. Others prefer a quieter performance – consider accompanying your student on another instrument, such as piano, guitar, or recorder, or singing along with the music.