Neurodiversity meets DEI at WSP’s Professional Development Day

Oct 24, 2023 | Curriculum, Diversity Equity Inclusion Justice, Elementary School, Faculty, High School, Middle School, Professional Development

by Dr. Jon Herzenberg | School Director

Last Friday, the WSP faculty and administration were busy learning and training. There was time dedicated to rethinking Waldorf curriculum, and emergency preparedness, but the most significant amount of time and energy was dedicated to learning more about neurodiversity and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with Dan Lebowitz. His presentation was entitled: Neurodiversity meets Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Mindsets and Scaffolds that Support All Kinds of Minds. Here’s what Dan shared after his time with at WSP:

“Thank you for the opportunity to visit WSP and explore the topic of neurodiversity with your faculty and administration. A shared interest in meeting the needs of all students, especially those who think differently, was palpable. Community members celebrated what was working and welcomed ideas for making responsive changes.”

Dan provides educational consulting services to students, families, and schools in Marin County, the larger Bay Area, and beyond. He combines 25 years of experience in K-12 schools with expertise in learning disabilities, ADHD, executive function, and assistive technologies. Dan integrates his experience as a dad of two boys twelve and fourteen years old, as well as working with parents, helping them navigate many of the challenges, joys, and predictable problems that arise at school and in the home.