Warm Beginnings and Mornings Together in the Redwoods

May 15, 2021 | Early Childhood

Jane Philipson, Parent Child Program Director | May 15, 2021

“Way up high in the redwood tree, three little birdies chirping cheerfully
I looked way up, just as far as I could
Away flew a birdie off into the wood.(3x, counting down)
When I looked back down to the earth below
I saw a little snail gliding oh-so-slow.
I looked up again–I saw a nest…
Mama/Papa bird and their babies hopping in for a rest.”

Gathering weekly this spring at beautiful Redwood Grove are eight class groups of parents and their little ones from 0 – 36 months. Children play as parents observe, craft, support and connect with one another, and experience the wisdom of the “Three Rs” of Waldorf early childhood education: rhythm, reverence and repetition. In our outdoor classroom, we are surrounded by the majestic trees, native plants of all kinds, insects, baby bunnies, squirrels, and many birds–chirping cheerfully, of course!

Mornings Together families are making a set of wooden rhythm sticks. Here they are seen using a rasp to remove the bark from 6” lengths of stick. Then will come sanding, and the finishing touch of shining them with heavenly-smelling beeswax polish.

Infant friends in the Warm Beginnings class play on a cozy lambskin and gaze at the tall trees as parents massage their feet with calendula cream, quietly observe, talk together, and sing some gentle songs and rhymes coupled with playful and loving touch.