Level Up Your Lunch Game – Again!

Mar 25, 2024 | At Home, Community

by Marie-Aude Belanger | Community & Events Coordinator

Are you tired of the same old lunch routine for your kids? Take a cue from these creative parents who’ve shared their favorite lunchbox ideas:

First grade parent Pooja’s Traditional Touch
  • Rice and daal (lentil/beans soup) packed in a thermos.
  • Indian flatbread (roti) with stir-fried vegetables.
Eighth grade parent Liz’s Lunch Likes
  • Stir-fry rice kept warm in a thermos, perfect for a comforting midday meal.
  • Turkey sandwiches, a classic favorite that never disappoints.
  • Cheesy sandwiches and papusas in a thermos, offering a delicious twist to the usual lunch options.
  • Order hot tacos supporting the MS fundraiser, because lunchtime is also a great time for community spirit!
Poonam’s Flavorful Fare – another First Grade Favorite
  • Alu paratha served with yogurt or pickle, a delightful treat for any day of the week.

Say goodbye to boring lunches and hello to a world of flavorful, easy-to-make options thanks to these fantastic parent submissions. Give them a try!

Share your lunch hacks with us for a future post. If you missed February’s lunchtime ideas, click here.