Five Things You Can Do to Support Your Student to Successfully Navigate the School Year

Sep 28, 2023 | Community, Early Childhood, Elementary School, High School, Middle School, Student Work

by Ramona Budrys | Class Teacher

Perhaps you are wondering how to support your student to successfully navigate the school year. What best practices can contribute to the students’ well-being so that they are fully present to be able to learn? We have five practical suggestions for you!

  1. Timeliness – Timeliness is a social deed. Each student deserves the opportunity to transition from home to school. Each teacher designs the beginning of the day to make that transition. Please be on time.
  2. Sleep – As brain research catches up with what Waldorf teachers have known for 100 years, sleep is the time when the brain is synthesizing everything that occurs during the day. Do yourself a favor and get eight hours of sleep, and ensure your student gets eight to twelve hours of sleep depending on the age. The bonus – it helps with #1 and #3.
  3. Chores – Parents who consistently assign chores not only have a cleaner and healthier home, they are raising humans who can pay attention to what needs to be done and do it, a life lesson that serves them not only in school, but as they go out into the world as well.
  4. Media – We ask that you consciously consume media so you can guide your student up to age 18. They cannot navigate the overwhelmingly vast landscape of devices and platforms without loving adults filtering and focusing their experience.
  5. Direct Communication – Please get to know all of your student’s teachers. The best way to understand their particular experience is to speak with the specific teacher who was present at that moment. We promise not to believe everything we hear about home from your student, as long as you promise not to believe everything you hear about school. Come with a question for the adult in the room.