Level Up Your Lunch Game

Level Up Your Lunch Game

Do your carefully prepared meals come home untouched? Fear not! We asked a few WSP veterans for their best kid lunch ideas.

Quick and Tasty Ideas.
WSP parent & Sunflower Kindergarten teacher Meeta shares these mouthwatering suggestions perfect for busy schedules:

  • Naan Pizza or Sandwich: Elevate your kid’s lunch with naan topped with pesto and cheese, grilled to perfection.
  • Quesadilla Delights: Dive into cheesy goodness with classic cheese quesadillas or spice it up with beans, meat, and salsa.
  • Roti to the Rescue: Pair roti with flavorful curries or veggies for a satisfying meal.
  • Pasta: with pesto or red sauce, it can even contain some “hidden” veggie.

Bento Box Inspiration

The Forget Family Bento Boxes bring freshness to the forefront:

  • Homemade Chia/Oat Pudding: Start your snack time right with a homemade treat topped with fresh fruits and maple syrup.
  • Bento: Mix and match fresh veggies, fruits, cheese, nuts, grains, and protein for a delightful and nutritious lunch.
  • Tip: Visit your local farmers market with your children and have them help pick out what will go in their lunches!
  • This is a favorite box style in our home.

Keep it Simple
Melanie shares some timeless lunchbox wisdom:

  • Wrap It Up: Turn anything into a wrap! Leftover dinner? Favorite salad? Wrap it in a tortilla or lavash for an easy and satisfying meal.
  • The 3-Item Lunch: In first grade my oldest would come home declaring he didn’t have enough time to eat. After a quick chat with his teacher it turned out my Pinterest-worthy lunches had him spending a lot of time just staring at it trying to decide where to start. Of course I still sent plenty of food, but only three items means less time making decisions and more time eating. Stick to a few healthy favorites!
  • Pack at night: Lay out the lunch boxes on the counter the night before, packed with everything non-perishable, and have each child’s chilled items already separated out and stacked in the refrigerator ready to place into their lunch cooler bags in the morning.
  • For the rushed teenage lunch self-packers: having a selection of grab & go items readily accessible on the counter helps help ensure lunches are taken.

Community Favorites 🍕🌮
Don’t forget about the school fundraisers! Taco & Burrito Tuesdays/Thursdays and Pizza Wednesdays are always a hit.

Got a lunchbox trick up your sleeve? Share it with us for next month’s feature!