Tuition Adjustment

In 1993 WSP initiated a Tuition Adjustment program based on the ideal that Waldorf education should be accessible to families who value and are committed to it, regardless of their economic circumstances. Since then, families participating in the tuition adjustment program have contributed significantly to the economic stability of the school as well as to its spiritual and social growth.

The decision to accept a student is made with no regard to the family’s financial circumstances. Acceptance is based on how the student fits with the class, how the student may enrich the class, and the schools’ ability to serve the student. The process of applying for tuition adjustment is begun only after a student has been accepted.

Tuition adjustment is a change in the amount of tuition that a family will be expected to pay; it is not “financial aid” or “assistance” provided to a family by grant, scholarship, or other monetary resources. The school considers many factors in determining a family’s ability to pay, and an adjusted tuition is viewed as a contribution to our income rather than a reduction.

A tuition adjustment is not intended to support a family’s discretionary items such as after school activities, luxury items, purchase of a home or a second home, travel, investment portfolios, debt-free status, or large amounts of home equity. None of these situations automatically precludes an adjustment but will be taken into account when determining a family’s eligibility for adjusted tuition.

Tuition adjustment is granted on the basis of need. To participate in the tuition adjustment program, a family must hold Waldorf education high on its list of financial priorities and pay to the maximum extent of its financial capability. Families applying for tuition adjustment are expected to assess their financial status and to turn to other sources including investments, major assets and savings, trust accounts, and contributions of non-custodial parents and other relatives (for example grandparents) before asking WSP for a tuition adjustment. WSP may not be able to stretch to the full amount of tuition adjustment requested by a family.

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Tuition Adjustment is supported by the whole community and by a gift endowed in Memory of Eric Brandenburg.

Please contact us at or 650-209-9405 to contribute to this Endowment and allow more students to experience Waldorf education.


1. Check the Tuition Adjustment (TA) box on your enrollment contract. Please note: an adjusted tuition is available to students in kindergarten – grade 12. Nursery siblings will also be included in the TA calculation. TA is not available to children enrolled in our Nursery Program if they do not have older siblings enrolled at WSP in kindergarten – grade 12.
2. Application instructions will be emailed to you.
3. Complete the TA application and submit supporting documents, then a member of the TA Committee will contact you to set up a meeting.
4. During the meeting, two TA Committee members and you will closely review both the school’s and your family’s finances, striving to arrive through consensus at a tuition amount.

For more detailed information on our Tuition Adjustment program, please click here for our Frequently Asked Questions document in pdf form.