School Year Overview for 2020-2021

School Year Overview for 2020-2021

9/10/2020 – WSP has received the county waiver.

Our teaching framework for 2020-21 is designed to allow students to gradually transition to in-person learning when conditions are right. Moving from a newly designed unique online experience, specifically developed by our faculty, students gradually engage in more on-campus activities until it becomes possible to return to full time in-person learning. Students who cannot yet participate in in-person learning, for health or personal reasons, will be supported through a remote school option.

WSP faculty have integrated our own experiences with remote schooling, and that of many schools around the world, to develop Remote Experiential Active Learning (R.E.A.L.). R.E.A.L. school is a full-day program that engages students in learning, while minimizing the strains of a full day in front of the computer. It comes from both the understanding of child development, the need for rhythm and what can be done remotely through the use of several different technology solutions and innovative lesson planning.

When health conditions permit, and following proper health protocols, classes will gradually plan social and educational activities on campus. This will lead up to a normal schedule of full day in-person learning. Families with a different health risk profile or who choose so, can participate in Remote School by Choice, a distinct remote schooling offering for children who stay home.

All our schooling environments have been designed with the understanding of how children learn at different ages, as well as their emotional and physical needs. Through our unique Waldorf experience, we strive to provide academic excellence, develop human capacities, foster the joy of learning and care for oneself and the world, to our diverse community of learners.

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