Welcome New Faculty & Admin Member Victoria Klocek

Welcome New Faculty & Admin Member Victoria Klocek

by Melanie Ingler | Communications Coordinator

Years ago, when Victoria entered the tunnel to Marin through the San Francisco fog and emerged to clear skies with the sun shining down onto the Waldorf School bumper sticker on the car ahead, she knew she just had to listen to the many signs she had been given that Waldorf Education was in her future. Some signs were more subtle than this but Waldorf had already been on her mind even long before meeting her husband who, as it turned out, was a Waldorf graduate.

As her thoughts turned to what she wanted to do in the future, she decided to leave her job in Marketing and Product Development and enroll in the Waldorf Teacher Training program at Steiner College. Afterwards, Victoria taught in the Early Childhood program at San Francisco Waldorf School, as well as a home-based Nursery program. She also began her study of Spacial Dynamics and was frequently known as the teacher who would get the children out and moving! As a kindergarten teacher, she found she was passionate about movement and how it prepared young children’s brains for their upcoming more traditional academic work when they entered the grades.

After taking some time off to start their family, Victoria began teaching at Berkeley Rose Waldorf School, just before the beginning of the pandemic that had all of us learning primarily from our homes for a while. Victoria and her family so enjoyed the time they had together during the lockdown that they realized they wanted a change: shorten her husband’s commute and the ability to spend more time together. As our luck would have it, WSP had an opening for a Movement Teacher, as well as a role for Admissions Office support. With her background and training in Movement, as well as Waldorf Early Childhood teaching, this clearly became the perfect fit.

Now entering her fourth month at WSP, Victoria is really enjoying her work with our students. She appreciates watching them learn and grow, and seeing their confidence in themselves increase as they know they can do anything. Already some of our students in are up on their stilts and unicycles this year, some for the first time!

In her free time, Victoria loves to dance with her family. They can be found exploring the area on foot, skates or bikes; or spending time time boogie boarding in the ocean. If you have any favorite spots to share, be sure to drop her an email!

Please join us in welcoming Victoria and the Klocek family to WSP this year.