Congraulations Walbots!

Dec 16, 2021 | High School

by Lea Fredrickson | HS Faculty & Walbots Sponsor

On Sunday December 5th, just one day after hosting the Fairebot at the Winter Faire, the Walbots participated in their first qualifying tournament of the season. The team and their robot did very well, making it to the semifinals!

The robot performed particularly well during the endgame portion of the matches, where it reliably turned a wheel to bring many rubber duckies into the field of play.

The Walbots participate in FIRST Tech Challenge tournaments. Each year the parameters and challenges are set by the league and announced just as the school year begins. Here is a video describing this year’s game.



We have some exciting news: for the first time in Walbots’ history, on February 5th the team will host a Qualifying Tournament at the Mountain View campus! We will be looking for many volunteers to help us with this event. We will need people who can help the event run smoothly as well as people with technical knowledge who can evaluate robotic team performances. 🙂