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School Administrator

Position Summary

— To administer the day-to-day operations of the school, including exercising fiscal, budgetary, and legal authority as well as managing risk and school resources in collaboration with designated individuals and groups
— To be responsible for and conscious of the overall parent experience;
— To lead and manage the administrative staff;
— To work in close collaboration with pedagogical leadership.
— To monitor and address the well-being of the whole school community and to facilitate positive interactions and working among school constituencies.
— To lead in the implementation of the school’s vision for the future.
— To embody, advocate and implement the mission and values of the school.
— To represent Waldorf School of the Peninsula and its values to the broader community, region and the Waldorf movement.


Our new School Administrator is a dynamic individual who leads by example. He or she brings joy, enthusiasm, warmth, and authenticity to his or her role. Our School Administrator encourages and motivates others through a balance of inspiration, discipline, vision, and practicality.

The School Administrator is committed to and works effectively within the School’s consensus-based, servant leadership model based on our school’s direct communication values. A strong team-builder, he or she is able to identify, prioritize, and delegate, so the time and energy of the School Administrator and the organization are best serving the school’s strategic goals.

A confidence-inspiring leader, our School Administrator holds and steadily steers the school through routine challenges as well as extraordinary events. The School Administrator brings strong management skills to day-to-day school operations as well as the ability to communicate in a clear, succinct and persuasive manner. She or he can build meaningful relationships across a range of stakeholders (e.g. parents, faculty, staff) and deftly help reconcile any competing priorities among them.

With a strong passion for Waldorf education, as well as a commitment to working out of Anthroposophy, our new School Administrator demonstrates a thorough understanding of child development according to Waldorf principles. He or she authentically and skillfully represents the School in the public arena, e.g. among our local communities, the press, and the broader Waldorf movement.

The School Administrator has a background that demonstrates the ability to lead organizations successfully through transformative growth. She or he can help define and enable strategies that are aligned with the School’s values and mission, fosters and maintains an environment of trust and accountability among the School’s constituents, and possesses the resilience to motivate others to action and commitment.

Preferred Education & Experience

— Significant experience as a teacher, administrator, and/or school director in a pre-K through grade 12 Waldorf School
— Waldorf training
— Significant experience as a manager with demonstrated skills in organizational and community development
— Master’s degree or higher preferred, Bachelor’s degree required.

Pedagogical Administrator for High School

The High School Pedagogical Administrator (HSPA) is the steward of the high school program. This new position at our school is created to support our growing high school program and students. The HSPA duties include:

Working cooperatively with teachers and members of the Administration and forming a close team with the School Administrator (SA), Director of Finance (DFO), N-8 Pedagogical Administrator (PA);

Holding the program vision, communicating and ensuring adherence to the shared vision of the curriculum and the overall health of the high school:
 — Administering the day-to-day pedagogical work of the high school
 — Organizing and facilitating communication and logistics for high school activities;
 — Facilitating productive interaction and working among students, faculty, staff, and parents;
 — Working in close collaboration with pedagogical and administrative leadership for seamless, professional communications and operations;
 — Cultivating and nurturing a healthy high school culture that is consistent with the overall school culture, in cooperation with the School Administrator and the Nursery-Grade 8 Pedagogical Administrator.

Implementing and overseeing the HS program content
 — Developing and maintaining all schedules in consultation with the faculty;
 — Assisting in curriculum development and ensuring adherence to curricular expectations;
 — Maintaining transcript compliance with college requirements and developing and keeping the high school course catalog up-to-date;
 — Developing and administering the high school program budget in consultation with the DFO and the SA;
 — Working with the DFO, SA and N-8 PA to define teaching positions for the high school program;
 — Managing HS Experiential and Interdisciplinary (EI) week.

Developing High School Faculty
 — Leading faculty recruitment efforts
 — Facilitating faculty observations, mentoring, and evaluations
 — Facilitating and participating in pedagogical committee work
 — Defining and tracking the high school faculty professional development budget;
 — Managing and leading new teacher orientation and onboarding activities;
 — Working with the SA and the DFO within the Pedagogical Leadership Team, to determine high school faculty FTEs for each school year.

Supporting High School Faculty
 — Holding the agenda for the weekly high school faculty meetings in collaboration with the faculty, the high school Branch Chair, and the N-8 PA;
 — Holding the agenda for, and facilitating, full faculty meetings in partnership with the N-8 PA;
 — Ensuring that the faculty is aware of and in compliance with school policies and procedures;
 — Working with the high school class sponsors to support the students;
 — Ensuring implementation of the Scope and Sequences for each subject;
 — Working with the various responsible parties and stakeholders to organize and produce high school events;
 — Drafting and managing the review and approval of the yearly Assessment Calendar in consultation with the SA and the N-8 PA.

Holding Students
 — Serving as the central student interface point alongside the faculty;
 — Nurturing positive relations with and among the students;
 — Overseeing the SEVIS (international) exchange program;
 — Enforcing behavior standards including attendance and absences, and chairing the Discipline Committee;
 — Maintaining faculty awareness and adherence to the WSP Expected School-Wide Learning Results (ESLRs) – Learning, Creativity, Citizenship, Reverence;
 — Managing, reviewing, editing, and distributing grades and reports
 — Monitoring student progress in cooperation with the class sponsors; administering academic and behavioral probation as necessary;
 — Referring students to Educational Support as needed, monitoring their progress with the Educational Support team and the Director of Student Services;
 — Tracking and facilitating implementation of student accommodations in consultation with Educational Support and the Director of Student
— Services, and ensuring that all faculty are aware of and implementing required accommodations;
 — Serving as students’ first point of contact for student activities such as clubs;
 — Managing HS Student Council and Senior Projects.

Serving as main interface for high school parents
 — Cultivating and nurturing the high school parent community
 — Organizing and supporting the high school parent community’s engagement in the school in consultation with the Development and Community Committee, the Director of Student Services, and the class sponsors;
 — Serving as the initial point of contact for high school parents when they are uncertain whom to ask or their question is not best served by directing them to their student’s teacher;
 — Directing parents to internal and external resources as needed in consultation with the Director of Student Services;
 — Organizing regular Parent / Teacher Conferences with the logistical support of the MV Office Manager.

Nurturing and Cultivating Whole School Awareness
 — Organizing and administering high school participation and assisting with coordinating common events for school culture development in consultation with the N-8 PA and grades 1-8 class teachers;
 — Managing, conceptualizing, and organizing marketing-savvy presentations of pedagogical content at admissions events in consultation with the faculty, N-8 PA, and administration. Leading in the design and ensuring adherence to shared agreements between the PAs and the faculty.

Building and Developing the School Community
 — Serving as the “face of the school” for alumni and the local community;
 — Maintaining awareness of current educational research and hot topics in educational media reporting, and assisting in articulating their relevance to Waldorf education and WSP’s mission;
 — Supporting Admissions and community events.

The High School Pedagogical Administrator is a voting member of
 — The Management Team;
 — The Pedagogical Council;
 — The Student Guidance Committee;
 — The Personnel Committee for high school faculty members.

WSP is a N-12 Waldorf School in the heart of Silicon Valley where our High School Faculty has produced curriculum innovations in several disciplines, including Science and the Humanities. Our students represent an international, multicultural group of diverse economic and cultural backgrounds. They seek to discover the world and their capacities to change it.

Interested candidates should e-mail their resumé, a letter of interest, and a brief biography to with the subject line stating, “HS Pedagogical Administrator”.

Front Office Coordinator

The Waldorf School of the Peninsula is seeking a Front Office Coordinator for our Los Altos, California campus. This position is full-time, year-round and eligible for benefits.

The Front Office Coordinator is the gateway to the school and works closely with all members of the community including, but not limited to parents, students, faculty and staff. Excellent, professional interpersonal skills are required as well as the ability to multitask and take ownership of a wide range of front office duties. Areas of responsibility include managing student attendance, student care and communications, a variety of clerical duties including data entry and database projects, managing office space and office supplies, assisting with administrative tasks, and providing support on special projects and school events.

The ideal candidate has excellent communication and organizational skills. He or she will be highly self-directed and able to solve problems and manage multiple tasks while maintaining confidentiality of records and information. Additional requirements are computer proficiency (email, Microsoft Word, Excel and database entry and reporting). Experience managing phone and email systems and working with children is a plus.

This position offers a supportive workplace, interactions with our wonderful parents, students and teachers, and an interesting variety of daily challenges. It is the perfect position for someone who enjoys working with children and is seeking an administrative position.

Interested candidates should submit their resume and cover letter to with the subject line stating “Front Office Coordinator.”

Registrar and Database Coordinator

The Registrar/Database Coordinator is responsible for all aspects of the school’s databases, including but not limited to BigSis, Veracross and Magnus. This position oversees training of staff and/or other constituencies on the use of the school’s databases and other IT platforms.
The Registrar/Database Coordinator maintains and manages the rubrics and goals for middle school and high school assessments and the updating of transcripts for college applications. The Registrar/Database Coordinator will sub for the Los Altos and/or Mountain View front office staff person as needed.

Essential Functions – Registrar
• Maintaining all student information including, but not limited to, attendance records, registration forms, schedules, rosters, transcripts, course changes, and other materials.
• Overseeing the student information system and course management system K-12.
• Supporting parents, students, and teachers through scheduling and course selection and processing all schedule changes and requests.
• Working with Directors of Admissions, K-12, to collect and maintain incoming student information.
• Support college counseling in matters of academic advising and student records.
• Assisting with management of A-G requirements for University of California/California State University and College Board.
• Fulfillment of transcript requests.

Essential Functions – Database Coordinator
• Maintaining, monitoring, and managing accurate databases required for all IT platforms utilized by the school, including, but not limited to BigSis, Vercross and Magnus.
• Maintaining, monitoring and managing accurate database records for all WSP constituencies, including, but not limited to students, parents, staff, alumni and donors.
• Assessing the efficacy of all database platforms, procedures and policies and providing recommendations.
• Supporting Admissions and Development in optimizing IT platforms utilization of data and procedures.
• Training of all impacted staff on use of IT platforms.
• Maintaining, monitoring and managing annual rollover and matriculation of students, staff and parents.
• Liaison between database/IT providers and staff and parents.
• Available to troubleshoot IT issues and work with WSP IT consultant.
• Perform other duties as assigned.

The ideal candidate will have
• Strong organizational skills and attention to detail, as well as the ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects.
• Strong strategic thinking, analytical skills and creative problem-solving skills
• Ability to maintain confidentiality and utilize discretion appropriately
• Open to learning and acquiring new skills
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (verbal and written)
• Ability to establish relationships with diverse groups of internal and external stakeholders

Interested candidates should e-mail their resume, a letter of interest, and a brief biography to with the subject line stating “Registrar and Database Coordinator.”

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