Here are a few great articles about WSP or Waldorf in general.

Preparing for Life

Want to get your Kids into College? Let them Play. →
Skills learned through a play based curriculum, such as self regulation, empathy, and conflict resolution, are the best way to guarantee a child’s success in college—even Harvard.
— Special to CNN December 29, 2010

Scientific Discovery and Innovation Can Depend on Engaging More Students in the Arts. →
The strong link between the arts and high performance in science is surprising, and integrating the two “must become a priority for any school that wants to produce students capable of creative participation in a science-dominated society like ours.”
— The Art and Craft of Science, February 2013

Play Power: How to Turn Around Our Creativity Crisis. →
The division between work and play is a myth. If America is going to teach its youth to innovate, we need to unite the two.
— The Atlantic. May 2 2011


Neuroscience and Learning

How Handwriting Trains the Brain: Forming Letters Is Key to Learning… →
Current research is discovering what Waldorf educators have long known — and what our students do every day in their “main lesson books” — that writing by hand engages the brain in learning and promotes the cultivation of ideas.
— The Wall Street Journal, October 5, 2010

Why Steiner Education Works: From a Neuroscientific Perspective. →
New research in neuroscience confirms what Waldorf educators have long known about learning, play, nature, and the brain.
— Magic Onion Blog, October 7, 2010


Media and Technology

Brilliance in a Box: What do the Best Classrooms in the World Look Like? →
Surprise—the most innovative schools in the world do not tend to have the most innovative technology. “In most of the highest-performing systems, technology is remarkably absent…those systems place their efforts primarily on pedagogical practice rather than digital gadgets.”
— Slate Magazine Oct. 20, 2010

Media and Waldorf Education—A Film from Potential SF
In 2012, filmmaker Paul Zehrer (the producer/director of our own documentary) created an excellent video for the Marin Waldorf School on media and how it touches childrens’ and families’ lives.