Our Mission

WSP Mission

To awaken children to their own individuality and unfold their higher capacities of thinking, feeling and willing, thus creating a truly human world through an education that is a source of social change. Waldorf education reaches beyond content to freeing the human spirit.

High School Mission

To develop each student’s capacity to think freely and imaginatively, produce creatively, and serve humanity with a true sense of social, ethical, moral and ecological responsibility. To awaken the highest potential of the human being.


  • Cultivate a Community of Learning
  • Support Development Toward Freedom and Ethical Responsibility
  • Encourage Healthy Individual, Family and Social Life
  • Lead Through Service

I truly believe Waldorf has prepared me to lead a life in which I am the individual I aspire to be. It has taught me to be open to and able to look through many perspectives, be confident in who I am, and instilled in me the desire to always expand my knowledge. Those I think are the most important things anyone can ever possess to lead a meaningful existence.

Ondine Izuno

Class of 2012, Waldorf School of the Peninsula