Preparing for Life, a new documentary film about the Waldorf School of the Peninsula.

“Beautiful, dynamic, and joyous!”
— Daniel Pink, author of A Whole New Mind, Drive, and To Sell Is Human

The New York Times sparked national media coverage with a story on why Silicon Valley parents are turning to Waldorf education. “Preparing for Life” takes viewers inside the Waldorf School of the Peninsula where the focus is on creativity, resilience, innovative thinking, and social and emotional intelligence over rote learning. Entrepreneurs, Stanford researchers, investment bankers, and parents who run some of the largest hi-tech companies in the world, weigh-in on what children need to navigate the challenges of the 21st Century in order to find success, purpose, and happiness in their lives.

DVDs of this film, both the online 17 minute version and an extended version of the film (with additional alumni clips), as well other features including extended interviews with Denise Pope of Stanford’s Graduate School of Education and Betty Staley of Rudolf Steiner College are available for bulk purchase here.

Interview with Denise Pope

Stanford University Graduate School of Education lecturer and Challenge Success co-founder discusses the pressures of the “high achievement” education module on middle high school students, and the effects of the media diluge versus the environment at a Waldorf school.

Math at Waldorf 


Learning How to Read